Test Ranges and Forensics

EDH offers a range of high performance and cost-effective solutions for the testing of weapons and ammunition.

Some uses are:

  • Calibration tests
  • Proof tests
  • Forensic analysis
  • Ballistic tests
  • Acceptance tests

Radar specifications cover:

  • All calibres and velocities
  • Single shot and burst/rapid fire
  • All ammunition types
  • Indoor and Outdoor facilities

Available equipment includes:

  • Radar Units (low and high power)
  • Processor Units (integrated and PC based)
  • Test Analysis and Reporting Software
  • Doppler, flash and acoustic triggers
  • Special test equipment
  • Pressure measurement equipment
  • Velocity simulator test equipment
  • Cables, mountings and tripods
  • Power supplies

Contact us so that we can assist you with a configuration for your specific requirements.